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Welcome. Today we shall be knowing the need of learning the programming language called python and its significance Now, you all must be thinking,when there are n numbers of programming languages such as Java, C, C++, JavaScript etc. existing the market, then how Python takes the edge over all of them??

Be patient, I shall untangle all your doubts as we proceed. Let us begin by understanding theinitial days of programming. It was really a big deal. Earlier, being a programming expertrequired a great mind with extra ordinary talent.

For, they need to understand computerslanguage which is made of binary number (0,1). Trust me guys, coding in the machine language was really a tough nut to crack. But as time evolved,many high-level languages like Java, C, C++ got developed wherein the level of intricaciesof coding were made simpler but still not a cake walk.

But year 1991 brought in a revolutionin the world of coding when Python came into existence. It was Designed by Guido van Rossum and developed by Python Software Foundation. The Picture depicts how casually you can learn and use the language with a broad smile to your face. To give a better understanding, let’scompare coding in python with the other languages for the programme print “Hello World” Start it off with Python Coding itself. Then check out the coding in C++,C and finally in Java.

Now you can easily identify that Pythonis the easiest and simplest coding language to learn even for a beginner. Python cuts short the number of lines yourequire for coding and highly resembles English language which makes it super easy to learn. Now let’s look at some otherreasons as to why you should go with Python: It is one of the most easy languageto learn , you don’t have to be extra ordinarily talented to get this. Python is an open source license thatmeans It burns no holes in your pocket. Yes, you heard it right, it is completelyfree even for commercial purposes. You can use it, distribute it at free of cost.

It has got a huge and extensive librarywhich enables you to use minimum coding to attain your results. Python is an object-oriented programming language which gives it an edge over other procedure oriented programming languages and hence making your data secure. It is compatible with many of theoperating systems like Windows, IOS, Linux etc.Another reason of going with Python is open and diverse community. You are always welcomed by the community to resolve your programming related problem irrespective of your country you come from, language you speak or religion you follow.

There are about 1,637 Python user groups worldwide inalmost 191cities, 37 countries and over 860,333 members. Every month they have a meeting to impartthe knowledge. And, you can post your query anytime to the python community and get the fastest solution. So, you have got a guide every time you need it. The language is also Portable. That is to say, if you have written your code for one particular operating system, and want to run it on another OS. You can simple do that without changing the code. Python also comes with the qualityof being extensible. You can write your code in other languageslike c, c++ etc.

Another advantage of using the languageis, You don�t really need to declare type of a variable. And follows the simplest syntax. Let’s take an example of swappingx with y into Java as well as Python In Java, you need to declare the variableX as an integer whereas In Python, no type declaration isrequired. And also uses less lines of code and hence you fall in love with the language.

Now let’s see, which all companies/organizations are using python. All the big giants company you can think of, is working with Python for example, Nasa, Google, YouTube ( the platform, you are watchingthe video on) Yahoo, Uber, Pinterest, etc.

Now let’s check out what all can be done using the language:It can be used for building software and games. Building a graphic user interfacehas always been a demanding job since it has to attract eyeballs. But this can be done effectively and easilywith Python programing language. It also allows you to builda website with minimal efforts. And lastly, it also providesdatabase access.

So, almost everything can bedone using the language and hence it is not restricted to one particular field, givingyou, many option to set your career in the desired field. Most Importantly, Let’s talk aboutthe career opportunities it offers you Python has been chosen as themost favorite language by the users and all the future technologies like,Networking, Artificial intelligence and Big Data, highly rely on the language. And, Python is indispensable for all thesetechnologies.

So, the demand for python developer is high. Learning Python is the demandof this era. You just cant afford to miss out on it, ifyou are interested in coding and want to get the best out of the field. And, finally let’s talk aboutthe money aspect, you all will be getting for being a Python engineer. It pays you a handsome salary.

According to Payscale, a PythonEngineer can accumulate up to Rs. 1.4 million per annum in India. And Indeed says, the averagesalary for a Python Developer is $114,152 ( one hundred fourteen thousand, one hundredfifty-two) per year in the United States. So isn’t simply fantastic to achieve big goals with relatively minimum efforts . so don’t think much, go aheadand get learning from one of the best professionals in the industry. Choose Intellipaat.

Your one stop destination. Python, certainly, is a great language tomake your career in. Now lets see, what have we learntfrom this video- Difference in programming ininitial days and at present. Why should one go with Python? Advantages of using Python. which all are the companiesusing python? What can you do with the language? Its importance in terms of yourcareer growth and finally where do you need to go to makeyour dream come true.

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