Future Of Python in 2020

PHP is dead is there any future of PHP asa programming language in 2020 this discussion is taking boom at number oftechnical blogs and on stack overflow and if you are also thinking about this on codeavoid evolution of new programming languagesare growing at a very higher number of rate every month we are watching a newprogramming language comes out in the market in front of our eyes and thismakes us think at least once is the future of PHP secure or it is going tobe remain in the market as there are modern emerging frameworks.

That are outin the market like node.js Python Ruby on Rails that are performing very wellin the market and this gives us feeling of insecurity regarding PHP and our headis stuck around so many questions like should I learn PHP is it a right choicefor me how should I escape this so by looking at this controversial issue Ihave created this video for you by watching this you should be able tojudge yourself should you learn PHP in 2020 let’s discuss their statisticsapproximately 80% of the website hosted on internet are powered by PHP and it’sa very huge number popular companies like Facebook Wikipedia are using PHPmost amazing content management systems like WordPress Joomla Magento are usingPHP and many more popular frameworks like laravel codignitor symphony.

Theyare built on PHP and I am pretty sure you heard these word in your day-to-daylife so how can you say that the end of the PHP is near now let’s discuss thepoint that will show you why the future of PHP is highly secure first one is itis easy to learn you will like the way it’s implemented especially if you are afresher or just started your carrier in this field you are going to have funlearn with PHP as all the syntaxes are straightforward second point is itsgrowth every new version of PHP coming in the market is fulfilled with lots ofimprovement like low memory uses command and interaction and lot more and thiswill add a plus point by saying that the future of PHP is highly secured thirdpoint is its adjustment no matter what the operating system you are usingeither it is Mac OS Windows Linux or UNIX PHP is your friend at everyoperating system so you have to be happy that the flavor of operating system.

Youwant PHP is going to be work at that fourth point is its community in myconcern the great language is not all about the fact that it’s easy to learn or its improvement in my concern the greatlanguage is one that have a community that are supporting it and if I talkabout the PHP you can find the great community out there that are sittingover there on YouTube on Facebook groups that will help you to solve out yourproblem in PHP and this is my sure upper hand to say that the future of PHPis highly secured moreover since PHP is coming from long so many developerscreated third-party libraries for you that you can use them in your application to make your application lighter faster and more advanced nowlet’s discuss about the use cases so first discuss what are the use casesmany of you have a question what type of application can I do with PHP let me take.

An example for you if I have to create a mobile application then I don’tthink so I am going to use PHP I will use JavaScript or Java for that purposeas they are best suited programming language for mobile applicationsimilarly if I have to create a data science project then I will use Pythonor R for that purpose or if I have to create website then I will use PHP sothese are the use cases so you have to decide the programming language wiselyso it’s all depend on the requirement of the projects now some of you have aquestion in mind that there are many organizations that are investing highlyin modern frameworks like node.js of Python so why should I learn PHP so thatdoesn’t mean that the PHP is dead maybe you don’t like it maybe I don’tlike it but this is not going to change the fact that 80% of a website on theInternet are built on PHP but this means that there are lots of job in PHP andthe job hunting is bit easier for you surely some of you has still a questionthat should.

PHP in 2020 then i am suggesting you go ahead and learn it there isnothing wrong in it it’s perfectly fine especially if you are deciding yourcareer as a freelancer then I highly recommend you to learn it as you aregoing to hear about PHP a lot more in it or if you are planning your career insome company then it’s all depend on the company’s requirement butmajor companies out there that want PHP developers now let’s discuss the idealpath of learning PHP I’m sure many of you have a question in mind that howshould I start to learn PHP right so start with HTML and CSS first learnbasics of it and create 2-3 website for the practice and as per the currenttrend make it responsive now lots of you have a question in mind .

That why I amsuggesting you to learn HTML and CSS first why not to start PHP directlyright so the answer is yes you can start learning PHP directly but this is notgoing to make your study interesting you have to make your study interesting solet me take an example for it let’s suppose you are playing with PHP and youare populating some data from some means and if you don’t know the design partthen the output is going to be in front of you in very un-formatted way but ifyou know the design part then the output is going in front of you that you wantand this is going to give you a lot of happiness and lots of motivation andthis is very important if you are in a learning phase after that learn thebasics of PHP learn all the syntaxes of it after that learn MySQL to make yoursite dynamic what do you mean by dynamic here to implement your business.

logic your own presentation logic for your application then go for a frameworkwhich is written in PHP the best framework is laravel out here you candirectly dig it into it and it’s fulfilled with lots of feature do atleast a crud operation what is crud operation create read update and deletefrom the database one more point I want to mention here by learning PHPswitching to other technologies is going to become bit easier for you talkingabout my personal experiences.

I’ve worked on a number of technologies likePython node.js Ruby on Rails but I too started my career with PHP and franklyspeaking it’s not taken my so much of the effort to learning a newtechnologies since 70% of my basic concepts are easier so by learning thebasics of PHP it will automatically going to become easier for you also toswitch on to a modern frameworks so in this video you have learnt what’s thefuture of PHP in coming year so now don’t waste your time just go andlearn PHP and achieve your goals.

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