What Is A YouTube Network?

Today I’m gonna be talking about networks What they are Why they’re valuableWhy or why not you should be part of them Right here on video influencers today we are going to be talking about that really popular topic Networkstypically called MCNs .

Which is a multi-channel networkif you don’t know what that is think of It as a business that’s collecting many YouTubechannels to be under their umbrella CMS which is likejust a just a YouTube term for umm bringing all the channels under one mayor channeland that’s what a network is, and I like to say business because that’s what they arethey are not only trying to bring together youtubers for opportunities for the peoplepart of their network but also opportunities for them selves.

you have to remember a network is there because they saw an opportunity to bring togetherall this creators and be able to go and get more opportunitiesfor everybody but also for them selves the reason you need to remember that is whenyou are joining a network remember they need you as a youtuber typicallythey need you as a youtuber to join their network they cannot survive without youversus you, you don’t need the network that’s very true for almost all casesyou don’t need the network right ?

and that’s where you start when it comes to joining anetwork if you guys don’t know what a network is youare not very familiar some of the things they offer are a higherCPM which means a higher rate of pay for your adsthat go on to your youtube channel they bring you branded opportunities or sponsorshipopportunities sometimes they’ll help you manage your channel optimizeyour search engine optimization kinda stuff and there’s many other things that they’lldo for you or they claimed to do for you right? And you as a youtuber will have to sign acontract typically to commit to them to move your channelOver to their network and become part of that businessAnd the value for them is number one they are going to get your views right?They’ll add that you they’re count or your subscribers to their subscribers count.

And because of that they are going to be able to go and get huge opportunitiesBigger than what you might be able to get by yourself because what they’ll do is maybepackage a whole bunch of youtubers together go out to a huge brand they say you know insteadof working with this one youtuber you can workwith our top ten and whatever now there are just so many things to talkabout when it comes to networks that I cant get into itI do have an ebook I’m giving it out for free we’ll put the link down bellow.

Or go toVideoinfluencers.net/networks and I actually give the top ten things to considerwhen joining a network or maybe not joining ok there’s plenty histories out thereof people having horrible experiences with their networks and one of the reasons thatis it’s because they forget their value againI cant stated enough times this business this networks they need you to run their businessok they’re only existing because youtubers agreeto join them and create this bigger opportunities .

So make sure when you are joining these networkthat they’re offering a value that’s equal to what they are asking ’causeSometimes they’ll ask for stuff like a portion of your ad revenue which in some cases ifyou are not making very much that’s a big dealOk they’ll ask for a percentage of the sales opportunities or the branded sponsorshipsThey’ll ask for other things there so many different things that I cant it’s on my ebookAnd you want to make sure what ever they ask of you they’re returning equally value ormore I always like more right? And you gotta makesure in your contract which you always gotta readThat all these terms are stated in there do not relay on verbal statement or verbal commitmentYou want it in writing in the contract I’m not an attorney my self so im not givinglegal advice here but what I can say is if you do have a contract that you needread by somebody on the legal word an attorney totally pay it its totally worth it to havesomeone professional that’s thinking about your positionyour best interest at hand before the MCN because again they are a businessthey’re protecting they’re on value you need to protect your own value.

So that’s what I wanted to leave you with I know is still not greatYou know video to be able to decide my ebook would be the best thing to do I’m not sayingjust to try To sell it I’m not making any money from itI’m giving it away for free But yeah remember your value as a youtuberYou are a content creating machine you pump out videos faster than most production teams Or studios could ever do and sometimes your quality is as good if not betterand you have an audience you have an audience that is loyal to you that comes back to youthat wants your video and your content and trust your integrity and your recommendationsso that being said tread lightly be careful make sure you aregetting what they’re asking of you and good luck

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