what is python

We’re going to talk about the Pythonprogramming language what it is what it’s good for what it can do foryou and when it may not be the best choice for a project the Python languageis tremendously popular right now the tayo be index which ranks languages bytheir usage routinely features Python somewhere in the top 5 next to Java Cand C++ and C sharp .

so what makes Python so popularfirst Python is easy to work with it takes less lines of code in Python toaccomplish many common tasks than in other languages reading from a websiteprocessing text or data formats like JSON or crunching numbers these are allthings Python helps you do faster and with less hassle second Python ispowerful enough that robust enterprise-grade software can be builtwith it many major internet brands like Pinterest Dropbox Quora and Instagram used .

Python to build their offerings others like Google Netflix and Facebookuse Python for automation management and infrastructure provisioning third pythonhas a galaxy of third-party software packages or libraries available for itwith those libraries you can build websites and web apps desktop applications and command-line tools those libraries can be installed in minutes with pythons boom built-in utilities if there’s some high-level tasks you want to accomplish odds are there’s a Python package for it .

And youcan get up and running with it right awaypythons made a name for itself as the language for data science and machinelearning the real heavy lifting is performed by libraries written andfaster languages but Python provides them with a convenient front end that’seasier to work with than using those languages directly so when is Python nota good choice first if you’re creating system level software device driversoperating system kernels anything that works directly with hardware .

Python caninterface with the lower levels of a system through its libraries but itisn’t a good choice for creating those low-level components another area wherePython falls short at least for now is when you want to create standaloneapplications you want to distribute across multiple platforms it’s lesspainful now than it was before but languagesruston go still have better cross-platform build tools finallythere’s when performance is an absolute priority Python is generally fast enoughand performance critical parts of a Python program can often be made to runas fast as or near to the speed of C but if performance comes first and last andalways Python won’t be an ideal choice.

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